The Destination For The Very Best in Cutlery and Cookware

Welcome to Gunter Wilhelm, the destination for the very best i in Cutlery and Cookware on the market.  Each  piece of our product line has been designed with you in mind.

Our cutlery was designed with the help and guidance of over 100 executive chefs in the Greater New York area, from top restaurants, all needing the best knives in their kitchens. Our cookware is the ONLY 5-ply Non-Stick Stainless Steel, made from surgical steel with a mirror like finish, so your food will not stick to the pan.

Press-kit-111cutrly08From the very beginning of the company in 2002 to today our goal has remained the same; to design and manufacture the best products for your kitchen. Whether you are an executive chef in a top restaurant, or a cooking enthusiast at home for your family, Gunter Wilhelm Products products will help you cook better, so you and your family will be eating healthier.

The Gunter Wilhelm line of cutlery is made from German steel and finished at the one of the largest cutlery factories in Asia.

Each knife is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and is perfectly balanced so that the weight of the knife helps does the work for you instead you getting exhausted from hours of cutting.
The knives were designed with input from some of the finest Chef’s in the New York area and the result is finest cutlery available.

Chefs told us they wanted a solid stainless blade with smooth corners and a sharp productive heel, weighted for balance.

They wanted edges that stayed sharp and that would sharpen easily. They wanted a good looking handle that could take the abuse of everyday use. And they wanted a warranty that covers everything, from accidents to misuse.

Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery is made from Thyssen Krupp Stainless Steel, through a Patented “Triple Tang” concept with the blade throughout the handle in the middle and on both sides.

Press-kit-111cutrly09The handles are made from a woodlike material called “Pakkawood”. This gives the knives the comfort and durability that Executive Chefs demand and that GW knives deliver.

Gunter Wilhelm employs a team of independent inspectors that check each and every knife against defects or imperfections. EACH knife is inspected for perfection so that the end customer is completely satisfied.

The Cutlery can be purchased as singles or as sets. Sets come in varying sizes and are listed on the website. All of the sets come with a beautifully designed solid butcher block for storage.

What makes Gunter Wilhelm stand out from every other company in the industry is the LIFETIME WARRANTY behind each and every knife. If your knife is ever damaged, it will be replaced.

Gunter Wilhelm is the only company in the industry with this GUARANTEE.

The newest addition to the Gunter Wilhelm line is our brand new line of NON-STICK Stainless Steel Cookware. This cookware is unique in that it is 5-ply, utilizing an outer layer of 430 induction grade stainless steel (for induction compatibility), 3 inner layers of pure aluminum in the core and an inner layer of 304 surgical stainless steel that is polished to a mirror using a proprietary process but results on a non-stick surface without using any coatings.

Your eggs will slide around the pan, and you can flip your eggs just like the pros.


Because of the aluminum core, heat is distributed evenly and your food cooks faster than conventional cookware.

When cooking meats or anything with some natural fat, our pans won’t need oils or fats in cooking, not even water. You can take a frozen chicken, pork or even steak and it will be done in 15 minutes. So it means no defrosting, go from the freezer to the table in less than 15 minutes saving you time. No more forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer and having to settle for fast food. This means your family can look forward to great dinners all the time.

Clean up with our pans is even easier than cooking with them. Clean-up is with warm water, no hard work necessary, just heat the pan, wipe and the pans is clean. A little Bar Keepers friend keeps the high polish.

The lids for our pans are also specially designed for you, for hands free cooking. The lids are self standing, giving you a free hand to do your magic. The handles never get warm, so no more burned fingers. All of the pans are rivetless so that you don’t get those dark impossible to clean rings around those nasty rivets.

The lids are also designed to stay on top of the pans when hung on a rack, no more misplacing lids.

Press-kit-111cutrly06Gunter Wilhelm also just added a NEW pan to the line a 12” frypan, that looks beautiful and performs a bit like magic, something every Chef needs in their kitchen.

Gunter Wilhelm has thought of everything in the design of its cookware and now its ready for your kitchen.

The History of Gunter Wilhelm:

A “Passion for Cooking”, that’s the driving force behind the Gunter Wilhelm brand. Paul Hellman, President of the Company and an avid cook, started his career in Mechanical Engineering. Paul always had a dream of starting his own line of top quality Cutlery.

He spent a lot of time researching what was in stores, in restaurant kitchens, what his friends who were well known Chefs, wanted in Cutlery. Paul started developing a design after talking to over 100 Chefs in the Greater New York Area, and came up with a design for Cutlery that was different than anything else on the market.


The Chefs that started using the knives, recommended them to other Chefs and the word started to spread, and the company started to grow.

The Company started doing sales demonstrations at food festivals, professional trade shows, home shows and through the Gunter Wilhelm website (

In 2009 the company had grown so much that, David Malek joined the company as Partner/CFO to help grow the company to the next level of success. David’s expertise in Finance, Team Building and Marketing was a compliment to the steady growth and with David’s guidance the company grew to over 80 employees nationally.

Gunter Wilhelm is now well positioned in the marketplace to become one of the leading companies World Wide in the manufacture of the BEST in Cookware and Cutlery and will continue to add products to enhance the company and continue to exceed the expectations of our customers.