Karen, Guy….

Gotta share! When I first opened the box with the pans of course I thought they were beautiful. My second thought was that not all beautiful things function like the ugly ones (think about your favorite black cast iron skillet, not pretty but probably one of your favs). So I had always leaned toward the non stick pans due to the easy clean up and ease of use. I unpacked them and washed them but did not put them away immediately. In fact I left them out and warily eyeballed them for two or three days (I know I have issues).

This last weekend I figure it was time to see how well these beauty queens could hold their own. If they turned out to be the nightmare that I was pretty sure they would be then at least I would have time to get them clean and find some place to store them. I decided to make tacos and that is a larger ordeal in my home han others (my son is allergic to chicken, my husband and daughter are trying to not eat beef and I am trying to incorporate more tofu into my diet). I pulled out 3 pans and poured a small amount of olive oil in two of them. Then I threw thin sliced chicken breast, diced onion and seasoning in one, tofu, diced onion and seasoning in another and in the final dry pan just ground sirloin and diced onion.

I have a fondness for wooden utensils so I am randomly stirring each pan. I almost dropped my jaw when the chicken didnt stick and I mean at all. This same result as with both of the other two pans. I was really dumbfounded and actually embarrassed that I had made such a ridiculous assumption. Ok so fine but I knew in my heart that they were not going to clean up like they looked when I pulled them from their packaging. I have always used Bar Keepers Friend on my Le Creuset pans so i had some on hand. I put them in the sink and prepared myself for the pans to look used. Again I was so incredibly wrong. The Bar Keepers Friend made the shine like a mirror. I literally could use the pan as a mirror to reapply my lipstick. Last story, my husband needed some quinoa made for his lunch the next day. I jumped up and volunteered because I knew that quinoa could stick like rice. I almost started talking to myself out loud with my astonishment as my expectations were surpassed. Any way let me tell you I still have my grandmothers cast iron dutch oven but almost every other pan has found a new home. I cannot wait to start experimenting this oming weekend. Obviously you make an incredibly quality product so feel free to use me as a test bank. I am here for you! NOW! Don’t let me get started on the knives…That will require an additional email. Cuts like butter!

Julianne M Koski