Clinton’s favorite Lobster Special

chef_Guy-LogoChef Guy of the White House Chef Tour has prepared meals for world leaders and dignitaries at the White House for years. This particular recipe is a show stopper! It’s wonderful on a buffet or just a hot summer evening. The Clintons loved lobster but President Bush, Sr. did not.  This unique dish is a great recipe to make on the 4th of July for a delicious change of pace.

Lobster Figaro

1   tablespoon chopped (fresh) tarragon

3   2-pound lobsters, boiled and split

2   cups cooked crab meat

1   tablespoon tomato paste

1   tablespoon lemon juice

1   cup of mayonnaise

Remove the lobster meat and chop in chunks. Save the shells.  Combine the lobster and crab meat together. Mix mayonnaise, tarragon, tomato paste, and lemon juice.  Add to seafood and fill the shells with this mixture served chilled.

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