Taste Of Asia – NYC May 16 – June 30
Prof. Masako Sohga Koike,a master of flower arrangement and tea ceremony, demonstrates the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.As it is tradition, a tea ceremony precedes the kaiseki demonstration.
Noodle master Shuichi Kotani demonstrates how to make soba noodles.
A chef from Muk Eun Ji restaurant makes Korean hand-pulled noodles.
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Sponsors of the Taste Asia food festival.
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A mochi-making demonstration sponsored by the city government of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and Hakka Alliance Inc. Mochi plays a special role in Taiwan, where it is used in traditional ceremonies.
(L–R) “Food Paradise” host CiCi Li, Gunther Wilhelm Cuty president David Malek, competitive eater Takeru Kob- ayashi, and White House chef Guy Mitchell.
Chef Hirohisa Hayashi tops sea urchin on sesame tofu. He demonstrated the art of kaiseki, as part of a Japanese cooking show sponsored by True World Foods. Kaiseki is a refined, traditional Japanese meal made with seasonal ingredients.
Performers of Indian dance at the Taste Asia festival on Times Square on June 25.
A Taste of Asia in Times Square
Flavors, colors, and the sounds of Asia filled Times Square on
June 25 as chefs, musicians, and dancers gathered to celebrate along with a lively audience.
The festival was a joint partnership of Epoch Times and NTD Television.
Fresh seafood from True World Foods.
Chef Terry French interacts with the audience on Times Square. Chef Philip “Ippy” Aiona with a Korean chef.
Korean dancers from the Korean Traditional Music and Dance Institute of New York
Chef Shougong Wu competes in the category of Shandong cuisine.
Chef Yuen Kwok Fai is the gold medal winner for Cantonese cuisine.
Chef Qingbiao Tan is the gold medal winner for Shandong cuisine.
Woks Ablaze
Chinese regional cuisine was in the spotlight at the NTD Television International Culinary Competition, which took place at outdoor cooking stations in Times Square on June 26. Fourteen chefs from around the world competed, but only three took home gold and a $5,000 prize. Congratulations to Canadian chefs Yuen Kwok Fai, Zhu Jun, and Tan Qingbiao! They cooked Cantonese, Szechuan, and Shandong cuisines, respectively.
(L-R) Benjie Ma, silver medal winner, Jun Zhu, gold medal winner, and honorable mention award winner Hung-Jung Lee in the category of Szechuan cuisine, on June 26.
Chef Qingbiao Tan is the gold medal winner for Shandong cuisine.
Servers bring food to the judges.
Stewed chicken with mushroom, a Northeastern Chinese dish.
U.S. chef Degui Yan.
Judges taste stewed chicken with mushroom.