Sun Tea



For the tea

  • Screw-top Mason jars
  • Water
  • Tea bags (we went with black and green teas)
  • Extras including, but not limited to, mint, lemon, peach, ginger, thyme, raspberries, plums. Basically, anything that grows in the summer

For the tags

  • Large circular paper punch
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Scissors


Cut up any fruits and herbs you plan on using. Add the tea and all those goodies to an empty Mason jar.




Fill the jars almost to the rim and screw on the lids. Leave just a little extra room, since you’ll be placing them in the sun and hot air expands. #science





To make a tag, cut out two small circles — or any other shapes – of paper. Write the sun tea ingredients on one tag. You may need to trim down the existing tea bag tag in order to cover it up. Put some glue on back tag and press it to the tea bag. Repeat for the front of the tag and press both sides together.


Leave the jars in a sunny spot (windowsill, table, hood of your car) for 3-5 hours.


Depending on the ingredients you used, you may want to use a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth to filter the tea before you drink it. Lemons tend to lose seeds and you might not enjoy sucking up a tiny thyme leaf through your straw.