• pork/mutton/veal
  • Onions
  • Fresh pomegranate juice
  • Oil
  • Salt, black pepper to taste

For today I decided to introduce you a traditional Georgian Dish Mtsvadi. Ground pork, mutton, or veal is typically marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, pomegranate juice.

It is often prepared outdoors over an open fire. So I went to vineyard on vintage and cooked It.

Cut the meat into medium-sized pieces and slice onions into rings. Put the two in a pot, mix and sprinkle with dried spices, pepper, finely pounded coriander seeds and salt. Pour on pomegranate juice, two spoons of oil and mix again. Take a large plate, flip it and cover the spiced-up meat. Make sure to put something heavy on the overturned plate to ensure that it presses down hard and the meat remains completely submerged in pomegranate juice.

Ideally the meat should remain that way in the fridge for 2 days, but if you are in a rush, one day is enough.

Skewer the meat and roast it on hot coals.

Tip: Use a stick to push the coals around to put out the flame. Make sure the coals are evenly dispersed. The trick is to have all the glowing coals burning (not flaming) consistently. This method of slow-cooking the meat over an open fire not only makes the meat tender but it also will add tremendous flavor.