GW 11 piece Cookware System

The Only NON-STICK Stainless Steel On The Market

Gunter Wilhelm proudly introduces the only Non-Stick Stainless Steel Convection-ware cookware set on the Market

What is convection-ware ?  Convection-ware is a special cookware that sears on the bottom and steams on the top during normal cooking.  The result is truly life changing. How many times have you forgot to take the meat out of  the freezer in the morning and then had to eat Pizza or Chinese food that night?  All that is history with the new Gunter Wilhelm Non-Stick Convection-ware cooking system.

We guarantee the juiciest chicken, steak, pork or fish in just 12-15 minutes from frozen, depending on the size of the meat.  That’s right, freezer to table in 12 minutes without cooking oil or sprays for super healthy cooking.  Then clean with water in less than 10 seconds due to the non-stick stainless steel surface.  There is no longer any need to serve your family Teflon chips in order to get easy cleaning.  You will know when your food is cooked perfectly when you place the digital temperature probe (included) through the temperature port in the lid and the digital readout gives you the perfect internal temperature of your food.  All GW lids are self standing, eliminating contamination hazards and nasty food rings on the counter.  Our handles never even get warm during cooking and this cookware is both dishwasher safe and oven safe to 500 degrees F.

So how do we do it?  We have a 5-ply construction with a specially designed lid that gives the convection effect.  We use electropolished cooking surfaces which give a mirror finish and will stay that way if cared for properly and cleaned according to our instructions.

All Gunter Wilhelm cookware is flame and electric stove compatible but also induction compatible.  Induction is a new cooking technology that uses magnetism to induce heat in the pan itself.  The pan generates is own heat by being inside the magnetic field.  Why is this good ?  Its 90% energy efficient vs. 50% efficient on flame or electric because we are not heating the surrounding air.  It is safer because only the pan gets hot.  Its completely portable so you can cook on your patio, by the pool or on your boat.  All you need is a 110V power outlet.  Since it has a flat glass surface and doesn’t get hot, food doesn’t get baked on.  It wipes clean with a sponge in seconds.

Please watch our amazing cooking technology breakthrough on Video by selecting one of the following videos.