Gunter Wilhelm’s: The perfect kitchen tools for your summer cookouts


Chef Knife
A perfect summer cookout depends on more than just good friends and music. Many forget that kitchen tools can make or break the main attraction – food.

This summer, Gunter Wilhelm is offering quality kitchen tools for all of your chopping and slicing needs. Their quality tools are designed for everyone from a savvy grill master to the passionate home cook. Last month, Gunter Wilhelm sent me one of their most recognizable kitchen knives to try out for myself, the 8” Chef Knife Model 208.

The Chef Knife more than met my expectations. Since receiving it, I’ve used it for three separate occasions, each one utilizing it for a different type of meal.

First, I used my Chef Knife to slice uncooked meat before putting it in the grill. I love the handle; it’s shaped to provide a good grip while slicing.

The other two times I used my Chef Knife to dice fruits and vegetables – a perfect, sharp cut each time.

Gunter Wilhelm’s knives are very well-crafted. They are made from a high-carbon stainless German steel that will not weaken with day-to-day use. They offer the only products available that are both stainless steel and stick-resistant.

These tools are used by celebrity chefs, which include Food Network’s Chef Maneet Chauhan (Chopped) and Terry French (Extreme Chef). Gunter Wilhelm’s products come with a lifetime guarantee and are even used as the Official Cutlery of the World Food Championships.

Gunter Wilhelm carries products from cutlery sets to cookware. Right now, they’re featuring a special 4th of July sale! Check them out online today.