Günter Wilhelm – Healthy Cooking Way


When cooking for yourself and your loved ones, it is critical to select the right materials for your cookware. After all, you invest time, effort and energy to select and buy the best ingredients for your meal and now you are ready to prepare a delicious meal. It is natural to think that your cookware system materials should allow you to cook your meal in a safe and healthy way.

It is a well-known fact that cookware made from stainless steel will not change the flavors of your food and will not interact with the food. This means your food will not get any “additional” flavors. Moreover, any coating might scratch off and become part of your meal, something that you didn’t intend to happen. Why spend extra money on Organic Foods only to contaminate them with toxins that come off your cookware ?

Gunter Wilhelm® cookware system is made from surgical stainless steel material and has no coating. This will ensure that your food will not change its original flavors nor get any additional “flavors”.

Gunter Wilhelm® is the first stainless steel cookware system. This unique feature enables you to cook with minimal use of oil/butter.