Günter Wilhelm Frying Pan

Cast Aluminum Frying Pan 

The Cast Aluminum Frying Pan was created with a unique design with different radios for the front of the pan and the back of the pan. This design ensures a large frying surface and easy effortless tossing motion. See the picture enclosed. It is Hand Made in Germany from heavy-duty stress-relieved chill-cast aluminum, with 8- thick bottom for perfect heat distribution, optimal thermal absorption, and no distortion even at high temperatures. Our Frying Pan Coating system is patented water-based and has FREE solvents. The same coating may be applied to medical appliances where extra health requirements need to be fulfilled. Plasma infused with advanced non-stick coating offers unsurpassed non-stick performance, allows fat-free cooking for a healthier lifestyle, and easy cleaning. It’s Food safe and Oven safe up to 450F. 

What is Cast Aluminum?
Cast aluminum is a type of aluminum alloy that is produced by pouring molten aluminum into a mold and then cooling it until it solidifies. Cast aluminum can have different shapes and properties depending on the casting method and the composition of the alloy. Some common casting methods are dying casting, mold casting, and sand casting. Cast aluminum is used for making various products such as cookware, automotive parts, furniture, aerospace components, and household appliances. Cast aluminum has advantages such as low cost, low melting point, good corrosion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio. However, cast aluminum also has some disadvantages such as porosity, shrinkage, and limited ductility  

Günter Wilhelm Frying Pan will last a long time and there are some tips to Use and Care with your Frying Pan 

  • Before first use, make sure to remove all stickers from the cookware, including the film at the bottom of the cookware (when applicable). Once all stickers and films are removed, hand wash with warm, soapy (mild detergent) water. 
  • Hand wash with warm, soapy (mild detergent) warm water. Dishwasher use is not recommended. 
  • Use low to moderate heat to obtain optimal heating properties. Excessive heat can be damaging to the pan and stovetop. 
  • Use silicon utensils. Wood and non-abrasive plastic utensils are also acceptable. 
  • Metal utensils, scouring pads, and abrasive cleaners should not be used on nonstick surfaces as they will permanently damage the nonstick surface. 
  • Do not allow cookware to boil dry or leave an empty pan on a hot burner. This will cause permanent damage to the cookware. 
Enjoy convenient cooking with the Gunter Wilhelm Frying Pan. Our highly durable, non-stick cookware is perfect for hassle-free cooking. With our superior heat distribution Get yours NOW