Engraving Suggestions For Valentine Day   

Cutting of sheet metal. Sparks fly from laser by automatic cutting CNC PLC machine. fabricate work factory production

Always in my heart, together or apart

Long lost, now found, forever mine

Forever and Always

I miss you madly

I am yours, no matter how far

My beating heart belongs to U

I will always be here, loving you

Let me count the ways

I will love you for infinity

Hold my forever love in your heart

Love is everything

Love of my life

Somebody loves you

Nobody loves me like you do

Live for loving you

I will never stop loving you

Love is when I look into your eyes and see your heart

Para Siempre

Remember the Love

All my loving

Don’t stop loving me

Endless Love

First time ever I saw your face

For the love of you

Only Love

Thank you for loving me

In my heart always

I love you more today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow

I ever will in you remain, so let your heart return again

A heart that loves is always young

Forget me not

All that is in the heart is written on the face

Only where the heart is, can treasure be found

Love is the answer that everyone seeks

Love is when you miss him, even before he is gone

If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet

Love is the language that every heart speaks

I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one

I found an island in your arms, a country in your smile

Your heart and mine are forever one

I will forever love you

Be true to love and love will be true to you

Be My Valentine