Cutlery Material

The Metal


Once the perfect design was completed the right steel had to be selected. Selecting the right steel for cutlery is a very complicated matter. There are many different aspects that will affect the steel’s performance. Many factors affect a blades properties and performance. The choice of metal is a major factor which will affect the blade’s performance and properties.

Gunter Wilhelm’s Executive Chef Series™ is made from X50CrMoV15 High Carbon No-Stain Steel which is made in Germany by Thyssen Krupp. There is a very good reason why the X50CrMoV15 steel is the metal of choice for producing high-quality knives. It allows for a long lasting edge, durable construction, stain/rust resistance and easy of care and maintenance.

Many years ago all blades were made from high carbon metals. This is the best way to make high end blades that will last longer and be razor sharp. The biggest challenge of high carbon metals is that they will rust quickly. On the other end of the spectrum was Stainless Steel which was designed for pots and pans not for high quality blades. About 30 years ago a new alloy High Carbon Stainless (no-stain) steel series was developed. This new alloy solved many of the challenges for cutlery. High Carbon SS blaes can be sharpened and can maintain an edge. They will not rust if not left in water or put in a dishwasher. Please note that every knife can rust. The key is to avoid the dishwasher and don’t let them sit in water.

The next major factor in knife performance is the heat treatment. A good heat treatment will enhance the steel and bring out its best features. The Gunter Wilhelm® Executive Chef Series™ has a special heat treatment and is ice-hardened. Our special heat treatment determines the hardness of the blade, how long the blade will stay sharp, how frequent the blade will require sharpening, and how easy the sharpening will be.