Chef Paul Drew

Chef Drew of Phillips Seafood

Chef Paul Drew’s passion is seafood.  He is the executive Chef at Phillips Seafood in Atlantic City New Jersey.

Chef Drew discovered Gunter Wilhelm Cookware and products about 3 years ago while at the Atlantic City food and wine show.  Chef Drew was amazed that there could actually be non-stick performance on a stainless piece of cookware.

To prove the point, Paul Hellman, founder of GW went to Chef Drews kitchen and demonstrated the cooking of a frozen piece of chicken in 12 minutes to a perfect 165 degrees.  Chef Drew is in love with GW cookware and the GW knives.  But here is where this gets really interesting.  Every month or so, Chef Drew turns his restaurant into a cooking class for consumers.

He sets up the tables in a U shape around his cooking station which is not much more than 2 tables , a set of GW cookware and knives and an electric induction unit.

He then proceeds to teach the 25-30 people or so, how he makes each of the 8 or 9 recipes and then once each dish is done, each class member get a full plate of that dish to try, which has been cooked in the back of the restaurant by a support staff.

Each participant pays $100 for the class.  Chef Drew makes and distributes recipe cards to each student so they can practice the dish at home, and in many cases on GW cookware.  This is a perfect way to create some buzz and excitement with your restaurant on a slow Saturday afternoon.  Each of the students is encouraged to bring new students to the next class creating awareness and marketing for the restaurant.