Chakapuli – Beef With White Wine


Chakapuli (Georgian: ჩაქაფული) is a popular Georgian stew made with beef, dry white wine, tarragon leaves, unripe (sour) green plums, green onions, green peppers, green coriander, garlic and salt. It is popular in the Spring when the plums are unripe.


Ingredients (6 servings):


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700 grams of diced beef

150 grams of wild sour green plums

200 grams of tarragon

200 grams of green onions

150 grams fresh green coriander

2 green peppers

200 ml of white wine

30 grams of garlic

1 liter of water

salt (according to taste).

Do not add black or red pepper as this will affect the overall taste.


Add the diced beef to a deep pan. Pour in 200 ml of white wine and cook on a low heat until the wine reduces (usually 15-20 minutes). Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon.

Whilst the meat is cooking, pinch off the tops of the tarragon and strip leaves from their stalks. Chop the tarragon leaves (not too finely).



Finely chop the onions, coriander and green peppers.

Crush the garlic.

Add the chopped ingredients, garlic and plums to the pan containing the meat once the wine has reduced. Add 1 liter of water, cover the pan and cook on a low heat for about one hour.


Stir occasionally and add salt (according to taste) near the end of cooking.


Serving: Serve hot with Georgian bread.

Be careful not to swallow the plum stones.