Buying Guide – Knives


Meet the 5 knives every good kitchen need


  • Paring
    Its small size offers close control for dicing, micing, peeling & coring smaller foods like garlic, shallots & herbs.


  • Utility
    This versatile knife peels, slices and dices just about anything including fruit, veggies, meat and fish.chef
  • Chef
    Considered the most important knife in the kitchen, a chef’s knife is your go-to for chopping large veggies, meats & more. Its broad, heavy blade can even cut through bone.


  • Santoku
    Similar to a chef’s knife. Dimples prevent food from sticking, making it great for chopping food quickly. A lighter, flatter blade makes it ideal for chopping, rather than rocking, motion.


  • Bread
    The serrated edge grips to cut, making it perfect for waxy or slippery foods or things like bread that easily tear. Slice with entle sawing motion; don’t chop. Avoid herbs and other small foods.